I’ve been looking forward to it for weeks, and Ninja The Mission Force: Season 2 has finally arrived!

Ninja the Mission Force Season 2 01

And what did I think?

It was great!

Allison Pregler did a fantastic job as Cheetah Lee, the street smart tough as nails secret agent and Ninja.


That a new character was the star of the show was refreshing and done expertly. I get the feeling Noah Antwiler’s part might have been Bruce’s (although I could be wrong) and it’s a shame they couldn’t work that out because no one would have expected an entirely new and unconnected cast.

The only thing I would criticize about the disk is that it doesn’t work as well straight to DVD.

I know that they need to make enough money back to do another season, but not seeing it every week along with a trailer for what to come was a little unsatisfying.

Check out the first episode that’s already online, it works so well in this format!

I’ll of course be buying season 3 as soon as it comes out, but I may go as far as to only watch one episode a day… if I can resist the next button that is!