How did I get such a fluid animation in the Nike Ad I posted yesterday?

I stared by having Gabi take pictures of me in different poses of an action.

Thanks Gab! I know I have you take a lot of pics, but you really saved me on this project.

Once I’ve brought the pics into After Effects, I then created a bunch of ” colored solids” for each part. arms, legs, head etc.


I then set a key frame for each part then move on to the next picture. Each individual control point has to be moved to the new parts.


Once new key frames are set there, the program then interpolates the in betweens on them. here’s what it looks like half way


If done fast enough with some motion blur, the result looks like real video. I’ve messed with key frame animation before, but never with a program that does it so well. I love after effects!

The rest of what you see on screen was done by STRAP (Stretch, Transparency, Rotate, Anchor points, Position) techniques.

Now that you know that, I bet it looks a lot more choppy now huh?

Next month finds us in Motion Graphics II, and we can finally start using real video. Hopefully this will be the last time I have to do something like what you see above. If I need an alpha channel of a boxer, I can just film it.