Continuing my Chicago adventures, after my summer camp training and getting a slurpie Jeff and his wife Maria took me in for the night.

After a ridiculously good dinner I took some time to look at his collection of unusual pets.

He had a few unusual fish, but my favorite was this puffer.


He had two different kinds of puffers and some clown fish, but this one reminded me of the one my Grandfather had in the long ago. I guess that’s why I didn’t get any other good photos.

Then I met his cool boa snake.


The Boa’s tank is lit with a red light, I’m guessing to keep him from growing super strong due to earth’s yellow sun.


The snake was friendly, but I declined to have him crawl on me. Living in a swamp and having being bitten by one I learned to be weary of snake,s so I prefer to have them behind glass when I can.


Jeff’s love of animals is infections and the next day we hit the zoo. I took a lot of pics there so tune in tomorrow to see em!