After 10 long years of service 2 of the wheels on my good computer chair broke off at the same time.

At first I thought I would be able to take all the wheels off but the hydraulics in the middle made it uneven.

After a week of using it that way I started to get a neck and back ache and had to buy a new one.

You might have noticed that it’s actually a nascar product, but I hope to be able to take that embroidering off in the near future.

anyone know if number 14 is a good car?

It’s red and black, and future looking so I like it a lot. also as a bonus, if I ever lose the wheels again it will actually sit evenly.

I haven’t had it for very long, but I think I made a good chose, it sits higher and has good support, something you need when you do computer stuff as often as I do.

What do you think I should do with the old chair? just toss it out or put some 2 x 4s under it and put it on the green screen?