Update: Gabi says this is too unrecognizable and she’s helping me
return my jumpsuit in time… and by helping me, I mean she’s doing all
the work… again.

I got the jumpsuit I wanted for my fallout costume, but it’s too darn big and I have to return it.
That being the case, I’m rethinking the whole idea and am going for something a little more obscure, but also funnier if you know the reference.

You can wear all kinds of clothing in the game, and this one is called naughty nightwear. there’s an unmarked side quest about it and it gives you a bonus to charisma. This might not be as recognizable as the jumpsuit, but hopefully the pipboy actually playing sounds from the game will help. If not I’ll get a jumpsuit by dragon.
I looked around and found a few pajamas that were close, but none that had leopard skin pants to match. Gabi’s made a lot of PJs and she’s agreed to do this one for me as soon as I pick the fabric and buy some.

here’s the two choices I found at joanns

I like the first one, and Gabs is more partial to the second. Either way, I can’t buy any till payday at the end of the week so, much like the special edition movie, I’ll make my choice then.