Earlier this summer I was working on a project I had to keep secret. At this point I still can’t really tell you about it but I think it’s time to show off some of the work we did that ended up being unused.

Snooch to the nootch it’s Jay and Silent Bob!

James and I worked the hardest on these two. When you look at them you may think they look just like the cartoon or drawings you’ve seen before… well that’s the point!

These are original poses that we painstakingly made to look like they were grabbed right from the show. You can’t find these anywhere else… (until someone steals these I’m sure)

I don’t want to blow this out of proportion, it took maybe 2 days to complete these, I just want you to know that they’re good :)

And yes, those are the kind of brownies you think they are.

This is an original vector made by me based on drawings done by James Panto and the Steven-Dave and Fanboy action figures.

Now if you do a search for those two you’ll find them in this pose most of the time. These are the most basic of the ones James and I worked on.

This is Bartleby and Rene from Dogma and Mallrats respectively, they are original vectors done by myself and James Panto with a little help from the action figures.

What’s cool about these is that we didn’t use any drawings to base these on… although we did find reference drawings later to my chagrin.