About a month ago I finally got a hold of the Oculus rift!


Since them I’ve been playing with it when I have the free time, and it’s great! It’s still in the prototype stage, but even now it’s a usable device that gives you real immersion.

Today’s post isn’t about that part of it though, I thought it was time to show off how I’ve rigged it up to my existing set up because it may be useful to others to see.


I’m under the impression that most people add their rift facing forward, so when you play you do it facing your existing screens. But this becomes a problem with motion tracking and freely swinging your arms.


I’ve built a VR station to the side instead, that way it’s out of the way but always ready for a demo. I can swing my arms with minimal chance of hitting my knuckles on an unseen object. (although I did once when man hacks attacked me and all I had was a crowbar)

The rig has its own keyboard, mouse, and headset that are wired into the main computer but I hardly ever use them. The hydra and Xbox controllers handle most of it.

I think the pictures pretty much speak for themselves, but let me know if you have any questions.