My topography teacher gave us the assignment of making a flier for any upcoming event. He encouraged us to do something outside our zone, and I decided that was a good idea, after all, I can’t fill my entire portfolio with pictures of me now can I?


I decided to go for the most girly thing I could think of. This is a real event, so feel free to call that number if you’re interested.

I’m especially proud of this project. I custom made everything you see in that image. I drew and colored the pony, colored and modified the text, I even pin-tooled the hearts. I know I’ve done that with other projects I’ve shown here, but this project didn’t let me use any of my signature stuff (no red and black) and I had to think of a whole new style.

It shows is that I have no problem doing things I don’t particularly like. If can do this, I can do anything a client might need.