You know, there’s just too many things to complain about, so I’m not going to bother, I’ll just rant about the overall problem. The company used to have the ideal of “make the workers happy, and get better quality results” now it’s “get the bottom line, screw the workers” they blame this new direction on “adapting to bring us in line with competitors” this idea in itself is fine, because you make the conscious decision to make the workers less happy and hope no one will notice the quality drop. What gets me is that now they have the nerve to ask us “why is moral and quality so low?”

Gee, maybe its because you save money by firing management and trainers and now we are drifting on our own on the front line dealing with angry customers with no support. People who have been here for years are leaving left and right, and they replace them with folks off the street that don’t have near the level of knowledge, then wonder why it’s a problem. This company was great and profitable, but its going to be sold to some other company within 3 years, watch and see.

Well kiss my ass work, I’m not some house wife that will let you come home drunk, beat me, then buy me a dinner to make up for it. The only reason I am still showing up every day is because I’m using your dumb ass to bridge the gap between now and AFO.


So is that the adult version of an Emo Blog or what? I wonder what the grown up version of Linkin Park is.