The other day Lowes had a sale on motion detecting light switches and I grabbed a few for around the house.

These things are great! It’s cool that they save money, but what’s really nifty is I don’t have to worry about leaving the lights on and being annoyed by them when I go back to the desk. (my eyes are sensitive to light)

Having the lights turn on automatically makes me feel like I live in the future! We’ve got one in the garage, kitchen, bedroom hallway, gym, sewing room, and both bathrooms for a total of 7 all seeing eyes. As long as the house stays loyal to me, it’s pretty awesome.

And in case you’re wondering, they lights do have a control so I can switch them on permanently when I need to.

I got mine at lowes, but here’s a more universal link to where you can get them at amazon.

The one above only works for single switch lights, use this one if you have a light that can be controled from two places.

Even though I’m linking to them I don’t recomend getting them online, you’re best bet is to wait for them to go on sale at your local hardware store.