At this year’s AZA, the powers that be decided to give out a few awards and to my pleasant surprise I was one of the recipients.

God Of AZA 01

All of the awards were hand crafted by Shane Morton, and even though they are called the Golden Poo, I think it looks more like a cool blob-like monster.

God Of AZA 02

I didn’t get a good look at any of the other trophies, but I’m pretty sure the guide leading a terrified unarmed civilian through zombie chaos was an intentional nod to the part I played.

God Of AZA 04

I should warn you, the title of the award is a little unusual but don’t worry, I don’t take it seriously.

God Of AZA 03

God of AZA? Not even close.

I worked hard on the parts of the show I could, but I still have a lot to learn about working with others on big projects like this.

Still, this let me know that some parts of what I was doing works and it helps ease my mind of some of the missteps I made.

I was deeply touched to be given this little piece of poo. I’ve put this in a place of honor above my mantel, to encourage me to do even better next year!