The way back machine

This came up randomly today and it’s a story I think you might enjoy.

Back in October of 1989 my family and I (mostly me) had a real personal computer!

an 8088, top of the line! It had a screaming fast 1400 baud modem allowing me to make 1 BBS post a day, and giving me 30 emails a month (it was 25 cents for every email after) My screen was able to do 24 colors but for a long time prodigy was black and white.

Eventually I was able to download a 4 hour patch and that allowed me to make the most of my graphics card.

I have fond memories of the black and white version but I can’t find a screen capture of it. I went without color for a long time, and it would mark the first and last time my computer was ahead of the curve when it came to game graphics. For example, while searching for that log in picture I also came across pics of Mad Maze

One of the greatest games ever. hours spent on this, HOURS

Anyway, that’s not the real purpose of today’s post, just a set up for it. What I really want to tell you about is my first online shopping experience.

For my birthday that year, my Dad decided to get me a video game for my NES (it was more my brother’s then mine.) We couldn’t find it in stores, so instead of relentlessly hunting for it, he ordered it… online!

After a short wait of 6 to 8 weeks. (long after my birthday) The UPS truck drove up to our house and personally handed me my very own copy of TMNT!

God I loved this game, not because it was good, far from it, but because it was the freaking future that got it to me. I remember holding the game in my hands with unbelieving eyes… I also remember wondering right away why it looked like the turtles had wangs! I tried to make sure my parents didn’t look too close at it.

That makes my very first online shopping experience almost 20 years ago, and you know what, I really haven’t looked back since.

My dad just had his birthday yesterday and I haven’t gotten him anything yet, maybe a trip to amazon is in order, I think I owe him one.