Yesterday I mentioned I was glad to be done with PHP, but I never actually showed you the site.

Click on the picture to see the actual site.

Much like the site I made a few months ago, this one has a few goods and bads.

The good:

* The site is perfect: As in the PHP, HTML, CSS, etc, is by the book and complies with all standards.

* It’s not bad looking: I think it still lacks a polish that I need to work on, but it’s not ugly either. I especially like the background.

* It’s using a little of everything that I have learned so far: I whipped up the flash header in about half an hour, and I think it looks smooth.

* It was done ridiculously fast: Since I had to repeat this class, I had last months page mostly done, but due to me doing something really stupid I deleted the damn thing two days before it was due… whoops! The page you see there was created over two days using the tutorials as a source file. Fortunately it came out better then the original, but it was close. waaay closer to deadline then I wanted it to be.

The bad:
* It still looks like a student project: Just like the HTML project it’s lacking a polish that says it’s a modern site. It has that amateur hour thing going on. I will be easy on myself because I don’t know what I’m doing, nor do I want to get into that kind of carer. But I’m still not pleased with my “in the box” thinking.

The graphics are the main problem, but I made them simple to help myself understand how to put them into HTML. One day I need to make a preproduction of website I have no intention of cutting apart and using to see if I can make something pretty.

* Despite PHP supposedly making things dynamic, this is a very very static site: My buddies have all heard me bitch about how it’s not really possible to learn PHP in 4 weeks. As a result it was more of a race to take the tutorial projects and make them into what was asked for on the final.

HTML I have a basic understanding of, and I can use that in the future… not so much with this. Although it’s easier to upload new graphics like you see on the front page, it’s a pain in the ass to change any of the look of the site.

When I make Wacko I will do it mostly in flash and HTML. even though that takes longer, I find it easier to change each page as I go. Although sloppy, it’s how Ive been doing gameshow interfaces for years, and because I’m familiar will go faster then trying to write new code in PHP.