After last week’s open call the Wednesday just before thanksgiving was my first successful Dungeons and Dragons Game!

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Poor Shay couldn’t make it in person, but if you look close you can see her play via skype.

To make the holder I used a foot from my lumiglass to stick to the phone to the picture stand. (the phone doesn’t look that cracked in person, it’s just the camera flash)

It gave the rig the ability to point up and down as well as left and right so she got a pretty good look at the field. It was a bit unstable, but not bad for last minute, unexpected modding.

Joey brought some tiles to build the sets on. This is the tavern we started in.

As you can see, we used whatever figures we could get our hands on. That’s Reboot’s Captain Capacitor playing the power hungry guard.

I had planed to use a glass kitchen table from the basement but I didn’t get it cleaned and ready in time so instead I used some folding tables with a red blanket has a table cloth.

This worked pretty good, but the boys rolled their die on other things because they didn’t like it’s sponginess.

I used digital dice for my and Shay’s dice roll.

At first it might seem like a cheat or not as good, but thanks to James many years ago I have an app that’s almost better then the real thing.

They are rendered in 3D and the accelerometer makes it move like real dice. I can shake them and roll them with a satisfying sound.

Not only can I roll any combination of dice needed, but I get the total on the bottom, never lose them, and can even grab a screenshot of it as for later reference.

As you can imagine, It being the first campaign in the first day of first level characters, not much happened.

I was able to roll initiative for the first time ever, (unlocking a mental nerd-life attachment) and make a blacksmith pee themselves thanks to my intimidate skill!

Chris discovered his fighter solved way too many of his problems by burning things to the ground, and Shay cut a guys head off with double wielded swords.

That’s actually a lego verison of the 5th Doctor filling in for a sect member, FYI. I should make a blog about that old lego tardis I built…

Anyway, it was really fun!

Special thanks goes out to Joey for DMing the noobs and pushing for us to set a date in the first place. Gabi for buying the groceries feeding us, helping me clean. Ian and Chris for sitting through my stupid noob questions and playing along. and Shay for playing the game virtually and staring at a computer screen all night.

I said originally that we were going to play every week, but that’s gotten changed to every other week. The next game will be on December 7th starting at 3pm again (time and date subject to change)

If you still want to join us, it’s not too late! Just leave a comment below and we’ll work it out.