It’s been months since I first started with the costume bay uniform.

Yesterday Carlye did some tailoring for me, and I am finally calling it finished.

Here’s a shot of the front, notice the correct buttons and MJF’s rank and flight pin.

One of the big things Car changed for me was the cuffs, they are now the proper size. Brian over at Battlestar Artisan hooked me up with the buckle

I didn’t get a good picture of Got Mauls awesome patch, it’s a little over exposed, but it does show how well it’s sewn on (you cant even see the stitching) and it shows off the blue micro suede sewn over the original black.

I was wearing the shirt under a shirt under a shirt combo and it got hot pretty fast, I don’t think I’ll be doing that at the con itself unless I plan to walk around with it open.

Notice the MJF dog tags too.

anyone who knows me knows I can’t help myself from hamming it up, so here are the required action shots of me:

Patch me through to Lt Dualla right away!

so Dee… I hear you and Fattyfattits broke up…

Killing Cylons all day is thirsty work, it’s important to unwind sometimes!

so to conclude:
Costume bay unfirom: 90 bucks including shipping
NoBo tank top combo: 6 bucks
MJF Captain Rank v2: free, given to me by a friend
MJF Dogdag: 25 bucks I think… don’t remember
Got Maul Patch 36 bucks aka priceless
Suede/Tailoring: Free it was a gift.
Boots: 25 bucks and surprisingly comfortable
belt and buckle Free
Buttons 20 I think… it’s been a while.

Estimated total: somewhere around 200 and most of that is spent on Asaps wonderful props, and given that I share those with the Olive drab uniform I don’t really feel the sting of it.
I’ve lost a lot of weight in the last 6 months and this jacket makes it look like I’ve gained, I have to remember to tuck it in and push it to the back the next time I wear it, other then that I call this entire project a win. A big thanks to Car for fixing this up for me, she had it done in a little over an hour. WOOT!
What do you guys think?