My dad started a new project and I’m helping him out with the graphic stuff.

Yup, he’s joined the rodeo! (my first question was if he was going to be a clown)

No actually, he’s going to start a photo business, people come and get their picture taken with a champion bull at rodeos and other events.

That’s his business card and we made a splash site too to give him a web presence.

I made the logo, the card, the site and got it on line all in about 6 hours, so not bad right?

The idea is that you get your photo taken with the bull while at a rodeo. You get a photo now, and can order more prints later.

He’s been to one gig already, and has another one lined up. Once that happens we’ll set up a gallery on the site and maybe boost the graphics a little bit.

Since it’s the same thing I’ve been doing, I’m pretty sure this will be successful… in fact I’m hoping to get on some of this, so I’ll keep you posted if I do.