I was reminded that while I’ve made post about some of the upgrades, I’ve never made any posts about my core system.

My computer is actually two computers controlled as one. This is so I can stream music or video on my tertiary screen while the other two can focus on projects that need heavy processing. (like working in After Effects and HD video.)

If my desk seems a bit much to you, keep in mind I spend most of my life in front of it and Because of this I think it should be as useful as possible.

I want my desk to be the ultimate tool, to be an extension of myself just as a sword would be to a warrior. If this sounds melodramatic to you it really shouldn’t.

This machine is my life, if it’s not absolutely devastating to challenges brought to it, how do I expect to be?

No part is too crazy an idea to consider..

I’m just kidding on that one, it’s from an old post about the house repair, but still if I thought it would make the desk better I would install it, and I’m dead serious.

I try to build useful things in whenever I can, this is not only for aesthetics but connivance. If I can’t see the cables they can’t get in my way, and if it’s built in I can’t lose it and I’m much more likely use the feature if it’s in easy reach.

The top of the desk is built from an old Oak kitchen table that’s over 4 inches thick (6 inches at the boarders). I don’t have a picture of this table handy, (mom can you help me out?) but here’s something close found in a Google search.

The table was originally owned by my Aunt, used by my family for a while, then given to me in about 1994.

That means I’ve been working on this system for 18 years!

I’ve been using it as my computer table since then, but things didn’t start getting serious until August of 2000.

I started working with a program called Hash Animation Master, and used it to make a scale model of the system I wanted to build. I gave this information to my dad and he constructed the top for me in pine.

I don’t have any pictures of this version, but I used it from 2000 – 2003 and when Gabi and I moved to Orlando, we re-fabricated the top, replaced the bottom, added a steel desktop, and painted it black.

This was when the monitors got their first major upgrade and at this point it weighed an estimated 650 pounds!

In about 2005-6 we were able to replace the monitors with flat screen and the system was a more reasonable 350 lb.

In 2009 we moved to Atlanta and rebuilt it in the dining room, at this point I started running some of the gear like the cable modem and router down into the basement.


Over time,of course got refined further, reinforced, and got new monitors and mounts, bringing it to its current form.

The above picture is the best one I’ve taken, but even it is out of date. For example neither the clock or the new audio port are installed, and I’ve replaced the cup holder with a better one.

I eventually plan to make a video talking about the desk and it’s features, but that’s still a way off. In the meantime I plan to break it down in old school photo-blog posts.

I’ve got at least two more of these posts in the pipe, but hopeful this will be a new series.

I’m sorry if you find these kind of boring, but as you can see it’s a labor of love and I think it deserves to be documented.