2013 is a new year and I want to start out fresh, so I’ve waited until the 1st to start a new fitness program.

This time I want to ramp it up slowly so I’ve got a six month plan, (you can click on the images for more info on them).

I have no idea if this is going to work, but it’s worth a try right?

The First month is a warm up, so the only thing I’m going to do is Zombies Run 5k


This will let me warm up to being able to comfortably run 3 miles without difficulty. The program is made to be done every other day, but I’m already fit enough to do it every weekday I think.

This should bring me into mid February where I’ll start the original Zombies, Run! game.


I’ve already been through about half of this app, but I plan to start over, again running every weekday, ending sometime in march.

By then, my overall endurance should be at a point where I can start weight training with my own mix of p90 I call Pete90x.


The main difference between my version and normal P90 is that I get my Cardio mainly by running.

By this time I start this program Season 2 of Zombies run should be released so I’ll be doing that every other day.


I should then be at some point in June or July where I can reevaluate and see if my plan worked.

If it did I will most likely move to Pete90x2, adding in their new workouts AND running in the same day.

That depends on this first six months though, so we’ll see.