After the success of the garage door mod, I picked up a cheap cigarette lighter for the bike.

Now with this I’ll be able to charge my GPS while I’m on longer trips, as well as anything else that can be plugged into a car outlet. I’m pretty sure that with the cap on it will stay dry too, but only time will tell on that one.

I purposely chose a pic that hid it, but I did scratch the plastic a bit while putting this in. The first drill I used was utter crap and went nuts the second I tried, but there’s not much I can do about that now.

Regardless, it’s a good thing I got this installed because I’m going to need it soon. Turns out Gabi got a job so she won’t be able to make it with me to Orlando. Since she’ll need the car I’m going to be making my trip on the bike.

It’s going to be about 1,000 mile round trip, so I’m going to need the GPS for longer then the battery could ever hold out.