On Sunday James, Buck, Allen and Myself went over to the house of cheese to work out the idea for the video I need to film this month.

After I got enough photos to make my story boards we decided to watch super mario bros on Allen’s super awesome laser disk player.

the cool part was seeing the laser disk in action, I had missed that revolution and this was the first time I had ever used one. It’s a shame that it was replaced by dvd because it has a few advantages to it.

for one it’s a bigger disk and that means more real estate for kickass art.

You don’t see stuff like this on DVD. It’s one of the reasons it’s just as good if not better just to download movies.

The other reason it’s a shame that we stopped using the format is that the disk is so much bigger. By now we would have terabyte disks for 99 cents a pop.

To watch SMB we hooked up my extra projector and shot it on his wall.

I knew this movie was terrible going in, but I had no idea how much Buck and James hated it. I’m looking for a movie I can make fun of but take seriously at the same time.

For example: This movie is nothing at all like the video game, so if you make reference to that, then let it go, you can start to examine the movie on it’s own merits. If it’s about two guys from Brooklyn taken to a world of dino-men does it work? Can contrivances and plot holes be explained?

I was able to do that with the Wizard, but there’s no way I can do it with Mario. The boys couldn’t get over the fact that this was not a movie about Mario and that means neither can my audience.

I had a feeling it would go that way so that brings me back to the drawing board. that’s not a bad thing, I still have lots of time to find the movie I want to do, but I have no idea what I should try next. The boys were talking about double dragon or street fighter, but I don’t think that’s going to work for the same reasons.

I want to stay old, cult, American, and at least some level of Japanese based.

any ideas?