I’m constantly upgrading my computer, but my main monitor (a fancy Sony flat screen) has been the same for about 7 years now.

The other two monitors get replaced every few years mostly due to improved hand-me-downs so I’ve always had a “good enough” mentality with when it comes to adjusting them.

This changed when Britney saw my setup and her eyes started to bleed.

She recommended Spyder color calibrators and I found an older model for cheap and decided to give it a try.


Before she told me, I didn’t know that this kind of thing existed and man am I glad I do now!


This only took a few minutes to run though and now all my monitors look amazing.

I’m not color blind but I’m pretty sure I don’t see the entire spectrum correctly. I’m not capable of knowing what true color is but even I can tell the difference on all three of my screens.

My primary monitor is showing me detail I’ve never had before. This is going to improve the quality of my videos noticeably and anything that helps Lucidity is a thing worth doing.

We got this 2005 model (called the Spyder2pro) off ebay for less then 40 bucks, so I would get one if you have the chance.