The other day I had to once again strip my machine down to make some upgrades.

Oh yes, that is a sexy beast…

… anyway I didn’t do the kind of things that normally gets done with this kind of post. No new ram or hard drives, instead I had to replace things like the power plant, speakers, and base for the monitor mount.

All the power cables are hidden in the center compartment that requires I take all monitors and the top of the desk off to access.

This is why the cables are so jumbled because they can’t be seen normally, still I had an idea on how I may clean this up that I may do at some point in the future.

That’s the only picture I took and it dosn’t give this new part justice, look at the size of the light up fan on this thing!

The new power box is a significant upgrade with actual SATA power that the original didn’t have. It required a full replacement of the motherboard and drive systems cables too.

I had the same problem with the speakers, they were flat panel and I needed to find ones that were compatible with my existing system as well as small enough to fit where the originals were.

It took over 2 years, but I finally found ones at the local value village for 3 bucks, now I can actually hear deep sound like i should.

The original power box had served me well for over 10 years. I bought a high end over-powered one because it had modular and longer cables then the average box and that was important because it’s in a different compartment to the rest of my computer.

It was a good investment because it lasted as long as it did, the only reason I had to pull it was because it blew a resister and started making a high pitched wine nonstop. (it wasn’t the fans, I replaced them to be sure.)

Looking at these parts I realized they have been with me for so long, and been so reliable I seriously can’t toss them out.

So what I’m going to do is build them into the Lucidity set. I know they’re inanimate objects, but damn they deserve to live on.

The desk is now purring like a kitten, so it was worth all the effort. I keep meaning to make a video about all the features it has, I’ll have to add that to the pipe for 2012