I was looking at some older post and realized I promised you I would tell you guys when I applied to be a movie extra. Well I’ve applied and been excepted for four different roles and I haven’t told you anything about them.

Actually I can’t really tell you about them until the movie’s out but I can post pics of myself and my own clothing so let’s do that.

Gabi and I took some head shots, but almost all of the roles I got were from this one pic

*let the record show that Gabi insisted I wear this shirt when I didn’t want to
**let the record also show that this was a good idea, she was right and I was wrong

That outfit turned out to be really popular, I wore it most days for two movies and a TV show. On the Vampire Diaries I wore that along with Gabi’s Harry Potter sweater and my Firefly brown coat.

I then applied for another part in the same movie so they asked me to change my appearance as much as possible.

I’m wearing that tape belt because I’m playing a Grip in a movie. Those are actually my own tapes that I brought with me and this impressed the prop people.

Working on that particular movie was fun, I’m pretty sure I ended up with noticeable screen time so when the movie comes out I’ll make a big deal of it then.