My school pals and I went to their apartment’s mini gym to workout today.  Using single-purpose gear is a new experience, my arms hurt in new and interesting ways.

I think I figured out how to use the gear correctly, but the one eyed man is leading the blind here, so I could use any advice you might have.

I don’t know the names of this stuff, but these are the 3 machines we used the most. There were two of each machine, and I want to post them both in case someone sees a setting or something I don’t.

I call this one the pull

I did 3 sets of 10 at 140lbs

I call this one the push

I did 3 sets of 10 at 120lbs

This one I used for biceps. (there was only one of these)

When I say I did 3×10, I mean that kind of loosely. I would do a few at heavier and lighter weights until I found what was right and then I did the proper 3×10 sets. As a result, I was pretty burned out when I did one, and only did my 3 sets at 40lbs and 50lbs.

There was also leg workout machines, but I didn’t use any of them.

And this one I couldn’t figure out how to use without being extremely awkward, any clue on what this one is?

Now that you have all of that data, here are my questions.

1. How many sets do you think I should do? I know we got the weight right because I was struggling at 9 and sometimes not able to do 10, but I’m not sure I did enough sets. (We finished in half an hour. we were tired, but should we have lessened the weight over time and gone for an hour?)

2. Should I do a set and move onto another machine? If so, what order do you recommend I do? My plan is 10 on the push, then pull, the bicep, then start over.

3. Since I am running so much, should I also be using the leg machines? If I do , that would mean I am using my legs every day of the week with no rest. or does cardio not count when planing this stuff?

We are going to go twice a week, every wed and Friday for now, and will move up to three days a week next month. On the other days I will be running on the treadmill at home.