To answer yesterdays cliffhanger, “Yes”

Sunday started a little strangely for me. Even though I had lost an hour to daylight savings, and even though I had stayed up so late, I still woke up before my alarm at about 7am.

Since I couldn’t get back to sleep, I decided to head out to the con. It was a good thing I did because parking was once again a breeze. I hear later it was a nightmare. I even got in on the first two rows and that helped when it was time to load out later.

We had decided that night to run smash brothers on my rock band setup to keep the crowds under control and I had to install a special converter to make the wii work with it. Lucky this was an easy task and I was done with it before everyone arrived.

Once the AFO crew did arrive I was once again free for a few hours. Allen was kind enough to wear his uniform as well so we traveled around together for a while.

I’m not a big fan of the default toy solider uniform, but I have to admit, he does make it look sharp. Still needs a red tie though.

Andy and Amy showed up around 11 for the Dr Who panel Andy was hosting. Since I lied to him and told him it was earlier then it was on purpose, we had two hours free to go to lunch.

The pic of Amy is from lunch, the pic of Andy is the same one from the other day, but again I wasn’t in a pic taking mindset at the convention, and I vow not to make that mistake next time.

We talked about all kinds of things at the lunch. How the panel would work, how well the con was going, why I was wearing a Dr Steel uniform and how he’ll one day dominate the world. You know the normal stuff.

The fun thing about Andy is that he is a bit high strung and can stress about the small stuff. I told him a bunch of times that the panel would be a good one because we would pick his brain on his Dr who knowledge but was worried none the less.

When we got to the panel room, they were still running the quick draw contest. Since I know the room runners well, I hijacked the room for a few moments to talk about Doctor Steel

You may not know it yet, but you’ve all been brainwashed! It’s only a matter of time before you all go to!

Once quick draw was over it was time for the Who panel to start. We had a good lineup going on because we had Andy, master of the old school and Carlos big fan of the new stuff.

I was up there at first to get the ball rolling, but after about 5 minutes saw that I wasn’t needed anymore and could let the two talk.

This was perfect timing because Another Toy Solider Agent TeddyBear had arrived at the room. He had been there for two days and had finally tracked Allen and I down.

It was good that he had found us because he had to leave for home after about 40 minutes. We grabbed a quick picture

and he was on his way again. Right about this time the who panel was over and we were free to grab some propaganda photos. Unlike at FX, this time I decided to play it a little low key and got pictures mostly with card carrying members of Dr Steels Army.

Although these are all the pictures I have, we did get a lot of people asking about the uniform. This falls in line with my my plan to bring Dr Steel, and Toy Solider awareness to the east coast.

First get people seeing it at megacon, then get people wearing a uniform at dragoncon, then the next thing you know enough people will want him to come to dragon and perform that con runners will have no choice but to invite him… So far so good.

After that, it was pretty much time to break down my gear and head home. Lucky for me this was a fairly painless process since my car was so close and my gear could be brought with only two trips.

The rest of the AFO crew was kind enough to do the breakdown of the big TVs so I was released around 6pm. This was good because by this time I was pretty damn tired, I almost fell asleep at a traffic light.

But make it home alive I did. I said it before, but I had an absolutely traffic time at this year. Hands down the best megacon I’ve ever been too. Now its time to start the 6 month clock for dragon and only 5 month clock for AFO!

They sneak up before you know it.