When we last left our hero he had been cast into darkness…

Update 01.10.2011I am converrting this post over from myspace and frankly don’t feel like putting the pictures back like they were so I’m uploading them as a gallery with the orignal blog text under it.

When I woke up the next day, I was still pretty tired, but was able to shake it off quickly. I grabbed a shower, had a big bowl of special K, and put on my Bedtime Galactica PJs,

Gabi’s dressed as Chell from Portal, and she was so perfect with her jump suit and companion cube. As soon as she does a write up of her adventures I’ll share them with you.

The cartoon show went well. I arrived early enough to have all the patch cables and parts I would need so the show started exactly at 9am. I don’t have any pictures, but I was able to pull about 45 people for the first hour, and had about 15 for the second hour.

It’s about what I was expecting. I knew I wasn’t going to pull the numbers I do at AFO. The only down side was that this video was built with Jason David Frank in mind and had about a 6 minute tribute to him at the end. Since he was not at this con, it got a little… uncomfortable. I ended up having to explain how cool this show was when JDF was in the room watching it.

I ended up getting lots of cheers and was able to ask questions about how to improve it for next time. Saturday Morning Cartoons II is going to awesome because of it.

I ended up staying in the room an extra 15 minutes to stall the star trek panel that was happening right after. (The person running it was a little late) since I’m mad at trek for all the prequel bullshit, my part did not run very smoothly. But once Dan arrived everything worked out.

I was glad to be done with the room, because now the fun could really begin!
On my way down to get ready for my Spartan outfit, I stopped by the Battlestar Galactica actor’s area. Margaret Edmondson, the girl that plays Racetrack was very friendly to us and so I thought she would get a kick out of my PJs.

Turns out I was right; she grabbed a picture of us together to show on the set. In my overactive imagination, this picture gets shown to all the crew and Eddie James Olmos says, “I want a set of bedtime Galactica PJs too.” Until I hear him say he hates them, it’s what I’m gong to believe.
But enough of this, you’re not here for Friday morning; you want to hear of Sparta!

I went back to the video game area, and put on the cape and sandals. I could see my friends were both excited and a little worried for me. If I didn’t do my workouts everyone would know soon. I went into the bathroom to put on the leather underpants and came out a Spartan!

These are the only raw pics I plan to show, the rest will be featuring THE CRUSH

It’s just way cooler this way.

I will admit, I was a little self-conscious for the first 10 minutes or so, and hid under my helmet. But it didn’t take long at all to get comfortable with myself. The looks on the faces of my friends told me what I needed to know… I had done it!

After about half an hour I met up with my other Spartan brothers and sisters and then the pictures started. We decided we wanted to play rock band in costume and it took roughly 2 and half hours to make it there. Every 5 steps we had to stop for a picture.

We must have had at least 500 pictures taken of us on our way there. Here’s what’s popped up online so far

When we finally got to the video game area, I let the people waiting in line to play rock band know that we were butting in. Only one person seemed really saddened by this, the rest were excited to see us play.

We even have video!

I know that Magus got some footage of us, so I’m hoping to post that in the future too.
After the song, the group disbanded for a while, I made my way back the front of the dealer’s room, and met up with Gabi Brian and Millie.

while these pictures were being taken, a really creepy photographer started getting pics of me. He must have taken 50 or so while everyone else was taking 2. After a while I got to creped out to stay and went upstairs to hang out with another Spartan friend of mine who goes by Predator on the boards.

after that, I was on my own again, and after another hour or so decided it was time to put some pants on. The other Spartans were on their way back to their hotel for a party. I put on the PJs again and went out to dinner with the AFO staff before joining them. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos from this point on, a lesion I have learned for next time.

Never in my life have I had an experience like Saturday. It made the 6 months of on and off training totally worth it. I had set my will on this one day, and I was not disappointed in doing so. My night ended at about 1am, and once again I was asleep like a stone for a few hours, then my Sunday begins.

Sunday was all about my favorite two doctors.

Doctor Who and Doctor Steel… two great taste that taste great together?

Find out tomorrow in the exciting conclusion to my megacon adventures!