Man, Megacon was a blast! I had so much fun I decided to break it into three separate days to review it. I don’t have as many photos as I would normally like to tell this kind of tale, so I may go back and update them when new photos come in.

My Friday tale starts Thursday night. As soon as they released me from lab at about 11:30pm I rushed home to pack. It took me till 3:30 to get everything in the car, then I headed over to Erik’s to spend the night. I did this so I could catch a ride with him to the con and help setup the rock band area of our gaming room.

It took about an hour and half to get everything set up the way I wanted it, and just before the floor was open to the world…. Erik’s Xbox bricks.

Yes, I know that’s actually a picture of MY ex-Xbox but I don’t have one of his, so it will have to do.
This con was very good to me, so I’m going to skip the stress and pain of getting a new box, and instead skip ahead to where we get a new one and everyone LOVES it.

I set rockband up like a compressed version of what we have at AFO, and we got a lot of people asking about it. So it was worth break down my entire home set up to make it possible.

The story of us playing as an all spartan band comes tomorrow.

After the setup for the video room, I buttoned up my duty blues and I headed upstairs for big damn game show.

I had a few technical problems when the show started, namely the projector didn’t have a VGA input and the bulb blew, but after about 10 minutes we were up and running with something usable.

I don’t have any photos from the event (at least not yet) but something VERY interesting happened at the end. Through the whole game, the crowd was not very energetic. This is what I’ve grown to expect from scifi fans, they’re more quiet and reserved, they just don’t have the energy anime fans do.

So at the end, I awarded the 50 bucks in prizes and said thanks for coming… and every single person left the room. There was not one person left that wasn’t working for Carlos’s group. This tells me two interesting things.

1. Everyone who was there (about 45) were not early to the next panel, but were actually there to see my show. (getting early is beyond a common thing to do)

2. Even though they were super quiet, everyone there actually LIKED my show, otherwise they would have left before it was over.

This was the first time I have ever seen that. Normally after an event at least some of them were there to see the next event, so this really blew me away. It makes me think twice about retiring when I fill a room of 200 or so.

After that was over, I was pretty much free for the day. I wondered down to the dealers room and ran into my pals at the colonial fleet.

We happened to be near an empty table, so we pretended that I was a guest at a signing.
The good, “I’m happy to be here” guest

The bad “my life sucks and I don’t want to be here” guest

The dealers room closed kinda early, and I was glad for that. Once we have the video game room locked down, I caught a ride home and went to sleep.

Yup, that’s where I’m leaving it today. Anti climatic ain’t it?

This post is really to just get Friday out of the way so the real fun and pictures from Saturday can have a post of their own.

Check out tomorrow for Super Spartan action!