As I said yesterday, debuting Win Nostalgia Critic’s Money was the main point to my visit to MoMoCon.

But the second biggest thing was finally meeting the voice of Wakko Warner from Animaniacs.

It should be pretty obvious that Wakko was a big influence on me. At the very least I’m energetic, have a bag of tricks that holds more then it should, and dislike pants. I was originally given the name as my handle at UltraZone laser tag arena in the 90’s and it’s stuck with me ever since.


Jess was a totally cool guy and didn’t think it odd at all that I go by Wacko, he didn’t even tease me about it being spelled differently. He even took one of my WackoMedia business cards, pretty sure he kept it too.

My mom got me a Wakko pillow back in the early 90’s and I’ve kept it this entire time. It’s always been my want for Jess to one day sign it.


The pillow is made out of some kind of synthetic para-shoot cloth. This has kept it like new even after years of abuse and let it take a sharpie fantastically.


What’s written there is truth!