At last weekend’s MomoCon Team Smiley Assembled once again for a show. This time with special guests!


Leo (that ScifiGuy) we already knew thanks to Lucidity but Doug Walker (the Nostalgia Critic) we had not yet met.

The show was called “Win Nostalgia Critic’s Money” and was all about him. (video of that coming soon)

Doug was a good sport about it, and I think we made a good impression.

He had to jet right after the show, but we managed to hang out a little bit on Saturday night with the rest of Leo’s crew.


This was one of the main points of going to MomoCon this year, and we were all really pleased with how the show went. I have to say though, as fun as it was to meet him hanging out with my friends was even better.


Thanks a lot for all of your help guys, I couldn’t do it without you!