netflix sent it to me last night, it was ok. They should have done one gay joke and moved on, but it’s not too much to make it unwatchable, it’s just a little lame. Check it if you get the chance, but only once will do.

I’m glad I didn’t pay for it – i mean i did but come on it’s netflix, that barely counts. – but I am glad I saw it.

the funny jokes were few and far, but some of it was pretty good. My favorite part was the leo fighting scene. It’s a lot like the actual movie but he gives people atomic wedges, way funny. The dance off leading up to that wasn’t very good.

also, asking the messenger if he wants to stand near the pit of death, and the messenger going “yea sure” was a good one.

I’m going to be learning film editing and color correction in the next few months, so I plan to make my own CRUSH effect for video. I’m going to test it on parts of this movie. It needs it, and I could use the practice.

If I can make this movie look good, I should be able to do it for our own footage and you never know when that might be useful.