Years ago most of my friends got a really good deal on tickets to the Orlando Medieval Times but I wasn’t able to go.

Gabi knew I always wanted to check it out, so she took me to the Atlanta site for my birthday!


The place was totally fun, it had a great atmosphere both inside and outside the arena.


The place had the sterile feeling of an amusement park and that was welcome. Living so close to Disney and Universal it feel at home at places like that.


Inside the arena was impressive both visually and functionally. The stunt work, animal training, and even the serving of food and drink was an engineering marvel.


All of the food was eaten with your hands (saves money on silverware I’m sure) and were served in metal plates and bowls. Drinks are served in plastic flagons.


Our section was the blue knight and he kicked ass… look at that hair!


We had a chance to meet all the actors after the show, but I didn’t want to stop the line to get a photo with everyone. So we chose our knight and the king.


We got a picture with the princess as soon as we walked in, that’s what we got signed by everyone.


I like this picture, but I am doing a pretty good Arnie Rimmer face here…

Medieval Times is a lot of fun, I recommend you go.

Gabi worked hard to make this an awesome birthday, and she totally succeeded.