I’m the one… You’ve been looking for

The Path Of Neo is a pretty good game. Once you get all the cool moves you can do all kinds of stuff from the movies, and that’s quite a rush. The game is pretty much what I expected though, too much action zero plot. They show clips from the movies, but they are not even relevant to the fighting so I don’t see the point of that.

People say this game is “way better then Enter the Matrix” these people are totally wrong, enter the matrix was a great game with a solid story that did nothing but enhance the last two movies. After I am done playing this one, I may reinstall and replay that.

Yes, that was a review of 3 and 6 year old video games.

to make myself more current, I’ll mention that I got a wireless adapter for my PC. Now my Xbox controller works with my computer too. I don’t think I’ll be using it much though. Games on PC are kinda a pain in the ass. since xbox is already high def it’s nice to know when I buy a game for it, it’s going to work without installing a bunch of new crap to make it compatible.

As much of a computer fan as I am, I’m forced to admit that the consoles won the gameing war.