The Friday of DragonCon was also the day all of my classmates had their graduation ceremony. I would have stayed in town and walked with them, but almost everyone I knew was going to be, ironically, where I was moving too that weekend.

Since Full Sail has monthly enrollment and graduation, I was able to push the official ceremony to October 2nd, but I still wanted to celebrate that I really did make it and decided to wear my cap and gown at the con.


I didn’t put it on until the ceremony started in Orlando, but then I wore it for the rest of the night. I actually got congratulated a few times and it felt good to finally have a degree.
The suit is boxed up now, and I wear it again in less then a month.  After that I guess I’ll never have to put it on again, and that’s kind of sad.  I paid a lot of money for it after all. :)