With the exception of only one year, I’ve been marching with the Doctor Who parade group ever since I met my buddies over at the Prydon Academy.

I usually go for inexpensive costumes and concentrate more on the character so I enjoy making an ass out of myself and running around the other people in the group. (It’s usually not a good idea to be hung over when you march with me)

I try to do something new every year, and this time it’s John Simm’s Master from The 10th Doctors last adventure, the end of time.

In the story, The Master has been resurrected but it’s gone horribly wrong. More insane then ever he is wearing the most basic clothing he could find and is living on the streets.

Because I’m going to be marching at the hottest part of summer, I wanted to try to make this as light weight as possible. I took one of my old shirts and cut off the top.

I tossed this shirt out before i realized what I could do with it and had to go digging for it, what a great re-use!

Now all I have to do is tuck it into the pants and I can eliminate a layer of clothes and the extra heat it will hold in.

The master dyed his hair as part of his disguise, but he also wears the hood up so I should be able to get away with doing that.

The results are quite good I think.

I’m not wearing the right shoes, but I can’t really afford some that I don’t need. At the moment I’m going to use the ones I just got unless something else turns up.

I didn’t realize till I made this picture that I have to remove the strings, but that combined with a few washings should give me a pretty solid match.

The best part of this outfit is I should be recognized for once, they even made an action figure this time.

I have a closet full of suits I only wear once, it’s nice to have an outfit I can put into my normal clothes rotation when I’m done with it. I think the hoodie will make a good inner lining when riding the motorcycle this winter.

Making this post made me realize that I don’t have any of the other costumes I did for parades on the site. I’m going to see if I can track some pictures down.