Did you know this Friday is Towel Day? That’s when you wear your best bathrobe and Towel in honor of Douglas Adams.

I’ve celebrated it before, but since it’s falling on a SciFi convention this year I was inspired to do something special.

Ok, truth is that I was inspired to get Gabi to do all the actual work, and she has made the coolest robe ever!

If you don’t recognize what this is, then you haven’t met Mass Effect’s Commander Shepard.

Yea, me and the commander go way back, I’m totally on his team and I work every day to keep his legacy alive…

The robe is meant to match the official line of N7 clothes that Bioware has been releasing since the first game.

I want people to think that this is a real product in direct competition to the startrek robe that came out last year, and I think it very much does.

The stripe was all hand done by Gabi with soft fabrics to not only match the bathrobe but seem authentic to a consumer product.

It also helps that all of the patches we used are from the official Bioware store. It may look simple but a lot of thought was put into their placement.

The Alliance logo was put on the hood to be like the helmets and the SR2 patch was put on the belt to make it pop as well as add balance to the entire outfit.

I absolutely love how this came out, and I think other people will too. (if you end up making one, I would love to add a picture of it to this post, so let me know!)

I can’t wait to wear it at Timegate and later this year at DragonCon. I just hope the ending DLC makes me proud to be a fan of the series again…

Not holding my breath though…