I am hoping that Gabi will find her own home here at wacko media. Here is her first post, prefaced by me because I’m not sure how to get it to show up as her just yet.
Last year I made some plushies for sale and I am just now getting around to selling them because I could use the money.  So help a girl out yes?   The auction can be seen here



These were handmade by me and are made of snuggly fluffy materials that are perfect for any game fan to cuddle with. They add a lot of fun to any bed or couch and are a great gift for any game fanatic.  People will instantly recognize your old school cool with these.

They are made securely with everything sewn down, no glue was used. 12 years of sewing experience stands behind these in craftsmanship. They were made in a pet free home.

The star is yellow fleece
The mushrooms colored parts are fuzzy blanket fur and the white parts are soft cotton.

Mushooms: 12.5 x 11.5 inches
Star: 11.5 x 12 inches

Remember this is for all three! You won’t find this deal anywhere else

It first started with the birth of a friend’s new baby girl. The father is a game fanatic. No, I’m not stretching that. You should see his den. They were decorating her room with Princess Peach and I thought that some cute little pillows would be nice for the decor. I had some extra fabric after that and made another set.

Buck and Emily are proud new parents to their new baby girl, Ellie Athena. Buck is a video game addict. They did their baby’s room with Mario and Peach on the walls. When I heard Emily was ok with that I thought to myself I have to make them shroom pillows. OMG it would be epic.

The red one is to make sure Ellie grows up nice and big. The green one is the extra life I’m sure her parents will need after the lack of sleep.

Making of: