I’m eager to start working out again and get in shape like I was last year.

My home gym is still about a week away to being ready to show you (or use for that matter) so in the meantime I’ve been thinking of cool names to call my new beefcake self and texting them over to gabi.

Once I started I couldn’t stop and I thought they were funny enough to share:

Dirk Hardchest

Rick Beefslab

Beef Manmuscle

Strongarm Megee

Hefty Von Biglift

Max Benchpress

Slug Hithard

Pete Gabsguy

Dirk Pulledpork

Peck Bigripped

Knife Rocksolid

Brock Weights

Don Frye

Jack Stubbles

John Clinchfist

Steel Fistclinch

Clinch Steelfist

Fist Clinchsteel

Grip Hardy

Buzz Hatejoy

Stone Rockface

Susan Lacemaker

Spike Breakneck

Stick Bonesnap

Buck Flexwood

Brick Twitcheye

Now obviously these started out as just a homage to the Space Mutiny Episode of Mystery Science Theater, but it’s surprising fun to make up your own.

You should try it yourself in the comments below.