The is one of the many interesting things found in the house when we moved in. You can see them all here.

When we went to the rodeo last week I had on an awesome ranching coat.

Gabi and I found this downstairs, it’s the real deal vintage 70 lamb’s wool coat. The kind of thing you wear when you have real work to do and it keeps me warm as all get out. (it’s the same coat Brock Sampson likes too)

I’ve been wearing it all winter and it’s totally manly, but the other day we found another one at the goodwill too badass to pass up.

You are seeing correctly, that is an authentic Buffalo leather motorcycle jacket.

You gotta admit this is manly, it looks good closed too.

Because Gabi and I think in costume parts, we almost left that in the store because we had no outfit in mind.

I’m so glad we picked it up, sometimes looking awesome is all the excuse you really need.