When I think “this time I wont take any pics” but every time I find cool stuff that’s worth sharing.

Evidently ugly glasses are in this year…I don’t think they’re for me though…

I’ve been done with Rock Band / Guitar Hero for a while but this looks pretty interesting I may go back for it if you guys think so too.

It’s so nice to be an adult and be able to admit that our childhood is better then today.

Get off my lawn, you kids don’t have such good teevee!

Is it just me or is this kinda 5th Doctorish?

This makes me want to do an evil version of the 5th, I wonder if people would get it.

We like to go to the pet store on our visits too, why is this rat sleeping on the water bottle?

At first I thought Gabi was still wondering about that…

That is untill I got a closer look….

That cleaver bastard!