When I got my spartan gear, most of it was complete and weathered out of the box, but there was a few things like the helm and sword that I had to do myself.

Obviously the center has to go. It’s a good thing I have a dremel.The helmet was a fiberglass and resin cast so Gabi insisted that I wear a mask when I cut it.


I am Darth Vader from the planet VULCAN!

I was surprised how easily I was able to cut it out. I was really worried about messing it up, but it came out great. I barely even had to put sand paper to it.


I had barely cleaned out the dust before I tried it on.


I had been waiting a LONG time for this.

The next step was to put my own cuts on it. I took a sharpie and marked where I thought would look good and also unique from any other spartan.


I went a little weak here. I was so worried about damaging it that I barely touched it at all. The only good cut I added is the one in the upper left.

Painting was strait forward.



Matte Black




And finally acrylic black for all the holes and cuts.


As you can see, Gabi was the one who painted everything, she’s a wiz at this kind of stuff, and always gets smooth covering. I on the other hand am embarrassingly bad at painting, I just don’t have the patience. I’m always touching it before it’s dry and leaving big streaks any time I try.

The helm is a bit big, so once it was dry, I glued some foam on the inside.


Like a glove!

Overall, I think I did a good job for my very first attempt. I stood side by side with other people who have been doing this kind of work for years and I didn’t look out of place at all. However, I’m not 100% satisfied with the final look, so another spartan has been nice enough to offer to re-weather it for me. When I wear it again it should look even better.