As I said the yesterday, I was pleased I got good content on the site while I was away but I wasn’t able to fix it up all pretty like from my phone.

I’ve found the energy to do that, and have updated the last 4 days to bring it in line with everything else.

Obviously they are not perfect, but I never try to be on these posts. If I worried about that I would not be able to get something up on the site every day, and it seems that getting it warts and all is better then not getting it, yes?

Along those lines there is a plug-in I’ve been meaning to try that will let readers correct spelling mistakes. You don’t have to do this, but it’s there for those of you that are driven crazy by seeing them, stay tuned for that.

Now that this is done you can expect me on my regular midnight schedule again, thanks for putting up with the randomness of the last week.