Episode 10 of Wacko Reviews had a lot of me arguing with myself. I know that spit screening isn’t a new thing, it’s not even the first time I’ve used it, but this is the first time I did it without using any green screen at all so I thought I would make a post about how I did it.

Whenever I was in the same shot as myself I locked the camera down so I didn’t have to do deal with motion tracking. This is fine because I’m not a fan of shaky cam and don’t use it on my show anyway.

After I filmed half the conversation I ran up stairs and changed outfits to film the other part. I then moved the camera, filmed the next part as that character then ran up stairs again. I think I changed probably about 10 times or so, but it was easier to do that then it would have been to film all of one character then try to match the shots later.

by the way, I had planned to use a holographic H on my forehead, but I totally forgot to put it on! gaah missed opportunity! I’ll have to establish it’s use next time.

Getting back to the effect, the tricky part is when I physically interact, I had to cut myself out frame by frame to make the shot work moving it every so slightly to match.

There was some trouble with shadows, but not so much that it killed the shot. What I decided to do was redefine what the shadow would be each frame.

A little color correction and it makes a pretty good match.

This is actually one of the easier shots, sometimes I did a full walk in front or my entire arm and shoulder was waving back and forth and that took FOREVER to make right. Still I think the results are good, so it was worth the time.

The other thing I wanted to show you was the ship at the beginning.

Do you see that it actually says Lucidity? I had forgotten I put that on the ship so when I rendered out this pass I was pleasantly surprised.

I think my ship’s external is just as unique and cool looking as its control room, I would give the person who made it credit, but this model was taken down from turbosquid and I no longer have the information.

I ended up using this as the thumb on my homepage, I think it’s pretty neat.

My plan is to do effects work like this every other episode and then strait up reviews like falling skies in between… not that those episodes don’t also require fx work, just not as much.

So far that plan is working pretty good.. now all I have to do is actually write the next episode so I can film in the next few days… hmm.. what’s on tv…