Continuing the theme of Novemblog I have another early summer thing Gabi was up to. While I was refurbishing the the trailer she decided to make the mail box look nice.

She started by clearing out the old gravel and weeds.

I helped a little where I could, but she did most of it.

She was going to sand the post by hand, but I already had the grinder tool out.

so with the new wire-brush attachment she got the whole thing done super fast.

She sanded down, primed it, then painted it black again.

She did the same thing to the box itself but I don’t have a pic of that…

anyway it took all day to get it done so we tried to take pictures at night.

but that doesn’t show it off very well, so a few days later I grabbed one during the day after the plants had grown in.

It still doesn’t show the new numbers we added just after, but you can see all the effort she put into it.

It’s been a few months since this was taken and it still looks great, good job Gab!