In yesterday’s post I said I was too busy making major, but last minute, mods to the ship before Sunday’s filming to tell you about it and that I would do it today.

We’ll start small with the new parts added to Weapons.


See that rectangle on the left? It’s an optimums Mini keyboard programmed to the fire button for each torpedo tube.

I painted the bottom of a plastic watch case my father in-law gave me with the same kind of feet I used for my clock to make the Optimus look more in line with the rest of the gear.

Not only is this going to make firing easy, but it’s going to look great, and add some extra drama on camera.


Unfortunately the custom screens burned out long ago, but the buttons are still really solid and I use it all the time. Without the screens the unit is a uniform black so I used a silver sharpie to make it stand out better on camera.

I didn’t realize how perfect this would be until just a few days ago, if I had the time I would crack it open and replace the burned out screens with LEDs and a transiency printout.. maybe next time.

You may also notice the laptop is a little unusual too. I changed some of the keys to help Weapons find what they need easier.


With just a little practice using weapons with keys instead of the touch pad mouse is more efficient and looks better on camera so it was worth making the chances.

I know I’ve been all Lucidity heavy with my posts lately, but with the shoot so close it’s all that’s on my mind.

Tune in tomorrow and I’ll show you the even more complex console I added on the same day.