This last Sunday Three of the official crew of my Lucidity project came over for the first time.


This was a simulation set up by CyClone to make sure the crew was capable. It was not about filming so I didn’t set any cameras up.

I hope you forgive the blurriness of these pics, I grabbed them with my phone which turned out to have a dirty lens.


We played two simulations, one is the out of the box Artemis game and one a training game I made specifically not to be filmed (at least not with this crew)


The end result was impressive, That SciFi Guy really knows his way around a bridge! He had that crew working and made a lot of good decisions.

Cyrus Caughtner approves of his actions and his crew has been chosen to be Expedition 97 to hopefully find the missing Lucidity.

Will he succeed? You’ll have to wait for the series to find out.