Looking at the last few weeks I realized there hasn’t been a single post that doesn’t feature the undead.

This is mainly because there’ not much in my entire live that isn’t crawling with shambling horrors at the moment, but I do have a few more things going on.

Any chance I get I sneak downstairs and work a little on my spaceship set. I’ve made a few changes since the last time I showed it to you, so I’d like to see what you think of the revisions.

I know, it’s still hard to see. I have big lighting problems but can’t solve them till I get my lights back from the AZA Photobooth.

The big difference is the grating doesn’t make up the entire upper half anymore. I plan to use them more as accents like this pictures shows.

I also started putting the bits and bobs I’ve been collecting for a while. (the keyboard and classic phone on the right are currently my favorite part.)

Tonight I’m going to finish panting and putting those shelves together and tomorrow I hope to find the time to hang up another wall. Just FYI only one of those shelves has a glass door so I’m going to fill the other with blinking lights and lumaglass.

I’m sure I’ll never be done with it but I guess I’m about 50% before I’m ready to film… the 50% that’s left is the part that’s going to be on camera most of the time, the part you see here is not the focus so who know’s how long it’ll actually take… Still I’d like to have a review of something up by November.

I want to make sure this looks cool and want feedback if it doesn’t so seriously, is it working for you?