It was a tight fit to get everything we needed, but the live portion of Lucidity has wrapped!

Lucidity Filming day 03

I’m so grateful Everyone has been so kind in helping me with this dream project, it’s beyond anything I deserve!

I know the next question is when can we see it, but I don’t think you’re going to like the answer.

First thing I have to do is get all the borrowed gear back to their owners and move the footage on my drives for editing.

Lucidity Editing screen 01

After that is:
scripting the parts that happen off camera and calling back the crew individually to film those scenes,
Story boarding the effects shots for the ship.
Building the models and filming them
adding those and other Special effects shots
music and sound effects
and earn your degree.

So yea it’s going to take a while but all of that is super exciting to me so stay tuned for hints on how it’s going.