Ever since I first started building the ship I’ve wanted a computer where the weapons rack use to be, but the problem was always having a cool interface and a monitor to spare for it.

I thought the thing I needed didn’t exist, but like always, Value Village had the exact part I needed before I knew I needed it.

Combine that with Trey once again stepping up and donating a screen to the cause, and we’re in business!


This keyboard and mouse mount has a crazy amount of swivel points and only cost 3 bucks!


The mod was surprisingly easy to do, did you know pegboard was spaced exactly the same as Monitor mounts?


A quick jigsaw let the bracket pass through, and left a perfect amount of space to store the old Mac-Mini (ruining win xp)


There is no chair for this computer, but that’s ok because there is not a dedicated crew member to man it.

It’ll be used in the show though, when the ship takes damage it will reflect on camera in real time.


And as you can see it’ll make the crew look great from pretty much any of the set angles.

whole crew

With the keyboard mount and some wood brackets being the only thing I had to buy for this, total cost was less then 8 dollars and a few hours work.

I am so happy to see this up before filming!

Huge thanks to Trey for the monitor, especially since it was nicer then what I was using upstairs so pretty much my whole life got an upgrade.