While I was researching the original series of Star Trek for episode 10 of Wacko Reviews, I realized I had made a really big oversight.

I had not made a dedication plaque for my ship!

When I was in high school my friend made one for my first car, and not having one for my first ship was damn near criminal. I whipped one up that day.

The quote is from Plan 9 From Outer Space by the way, seemed very fitting for me.

Mine is based on a version I found for the Enterprise A in a random search, but now I can’t seem to find it. It may not be cannon, so I apologize to whoever made it for not giving credit.

Once I had this design done I printed it on a laminate sheet then riveted that to some brushed steel paper I found at Joanns and finally glued that to some black foam board.

Looks good, don’t it?

This is actually the second one I did. The first one was used holograms but didn’t look nearly as good so I hid it on a wall I don’t use often. This version looks screen worthy so I moved a power junction box and put it in a visible place on the set.

I’m working on the next episode of the show right now, I think Ill build having this into the script.

It wasn’t my intent but I’ve made a change to the set every episode, I bet it’s going to be quite different by the end of the year…

and just in case you were wondering, yes having a basement spaceship is as cool as you think it is.