It hasn’t all been work here at Wacko HQ, occasionally we find time to catch what netflix has sent us, and recently I saw Looper for the the first time.


The short version is I really liked it!

Anyone who knows me may be surprised by that because I’m very hard on time travel stories, but I argue this one is solid and not because they don’t explain it.

To make me happy, all a time travel story needs to do is be consistent with it’s own rules, and in this one they basically have a paradox machine that sends a person back and only things that physically effect the traveler’s past body instantly happen.

So if you stop him from catching a plane to the time machine or kill the pilot of that plane it doesn’t make him disappear, but if you give him a tattoo he’ll have it instantly.

There were a lot of ways this story could go, but they spend a lot of time teaching us that our “hero” is not very bright and incredibly short sighted so when the ending happened it made perfect sense to me.

Totally check it out if you haven’t already. This movie was what inception claimed to be so I highly recommend it.